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  成都高新区芳草小学成立于1996年。 20年来,学校致力于个性化教育的实践探索,逐步形成了鲜明的办学特色。“崇尚个性,享受成长”成为学校的核心办学理念,“让每一个生命都开出自己的花”成为全校教师的共同教育理想,为此,学校聚焦课堂变革,先后两次获得省政府优秀教学成果一、二等奖,教育部首届中国基础教育优秀成果二等奖。 学校在全国范围内产生了良好的影响与辐射,数万名同行前来观摩学习。 现有教师73人,特级教师2人,中学高级教师6人,市学科带头人2人,区学科带头人11人,各级名优骨干教师占教师比例60%以上。 服务范围:北校区:二环路内芳草派出所辖区 南校区:东至天府大道,南至三环路,西、北至成昆铁路。
  School Profile Fang Cao primary school of Cheng Du Hi-tech Zone was set up in 1996. Over the past 20 years, the school is committed to the practice of personalized education, gradually formed a distinct characteristics. "Advocating personality, enjoying the growth" has become the core of school educational philosophy, "let everyone like a flower blooming with vitality". It becomes the teacher's common education ideal, therefore, the school focuses on the class changes. The research has been twice awarded the provincial excellent teaching achievements with the first prize and the second prize. and also was awarded the second prize in excellent achievement of China's basic education for the ministry of education. The school has enjoyed very high popularity in the country ,with thousands of teachers paying visit. Currently there are 73 teachers, nearly 21 people were awarded the provincial grade teacher, academic leaders, educational experts and so on, that is to say ,2 provincial grade teachers, 2 academic leaders ,6 academic pacesetters of the city, and 11 of the zone, excellent backbone teachers accounted for more than sixty percent of the teachers at all levels. Service scope: north campus: within the second ring road in the Fangcao police station's jurisdiction The south campus, east to tianfu avenue, south to 3rd ring, west, north to ChengKun railway.
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